There are several policies that could definitely provide a way forward such as federally sponsored housing construction (less bullish on this), repeal of rent control laws, and increasing section 8 housing vouchers. I link to some articles that discuss these in various depths.

The central problem though is that local preferences that block the construction of affordable housing honestly prevents any resolution to the underlying problem. Without a reform of local land use policies and a dramatic increase in housing supply, any solution won’t be that affective. Either supply side policies will be blocked leaving rent control or housing vouchers will be useless because housing is so expensive.

My point is the only real way forward is for locals to allow for the construction of more housing through multi-unit housing, and the fact that is not allowed is a hypocrisy among progressives who purport to be better than that a lot of the time.

I am interested in politics, economics, & policy. I work as a data scientist and am passionate about using technology to solve structural economic problems.

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