Yeah you have a really good point in that the rise of the interest has definitely created lots of second order problems with racist communities and such, but I feel like the importance of it in the modern economy makes it almost an essential to a good life like housing or healthcare nowadays, so second order effects be damned, we need more people to have access.

There are probably other policies like education (as you mentioned) or more public funding for local news sources to combat misinformation that could tackle the unintended consequences of increased internet access.

I do think one major problem with the rise of racist invective is that (1) it was actually always there but the Internet makes it more visible (kind of like how crime reporting can increase because more people are comfortable coming forward) and (2) the rise of toxic media sources on the right that coupled with a decrease in local news sources. So (1) is just a problem with no real solution, but there are other things to tackle (2) like the ideas above.

I am interested in politics, economics, & policy. I work as a data scientist and am passionate about using technology to solve structural economic problems.

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